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This Site was originally constructed as a vehicle for members of the
Louisville Industrial/goth scene to view nights in which they where in
attendance.  The site now allows patrons to reflect upon the golden times of
their involvement. In addition the site now revolves around my pursuit of
Photography on a professional level.
Nature of the Site  (About This Web Site)

For the photographer and lover of photography, this site is one of the more
memorable impressions I intend to the leave upon the world.
Welcome to the Photography of Mistergrimm.com
Mister Grimm
Spiral :

Wondering thoughts do assault me,
Tear me up with their cries.
On the outside I am broken,
on the inside I wish to die.
So spill this sorrow from my eyes,
take it away in my mind.
This is how you found me,
this is why I wished to hide.
No more sages left to wonder,
no more dirty lies to tell.
If you do stand against me,
I will take you straight to hell.
So know your place before you speak it,
I know your story all to well.
Wrap it up in breathless silence,
An let it be my prison cell.
And further down :

Wondering thoughts do assualt me,
Distinctly can I hear their cries.
On the outside I am broken,
On the inside I have died.
So take a moment of reflection,
back to a peaceful place in time.
For fear of nothing does consume me,
and tarnished is the matyr's life.
This cataclysmic chasm calls me,
jagged is the downward climb.
So run to hell where no one follows,
in my cell I find peace of mind.
Until you dare come before me,
and pull at my shrouded eyes.
Would you breath a whisper in the silence?
To bring me back to life in time,
before the spiral closes on it's circle,
and eternal silence shall be mine.
(c) www.mistergrimm.com 2007
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