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Mis·ter       (mĭs'tər)  Pronunciation Key

1. Used as a courtesy title before the surname, full name, or professional title of a man, usually written in its abbreviated form: Mr.
Jones; Mr. Secretary.
2. Used as the official term of address for certain U.S. military personnel, such as warrant officers.
3. mister Informal Used as a form of address for a man: Watch your step, mister.
4. Informal Used as a term of reference by a woman of her husband.
Grimm       (grĭm)  Pronunciation Key
German philologist and folklorist who formulated Grimm's Law (1819), the basis for much of modern comparative linguistics. With his
brother Wilhelm Karl (1786-1859) he collected Germanic folk tales and published them as Grimm's Fairy Tales (1812-1815).
Mister Grimm   (mĭs'tər grĭm)  Pronunciation Key

1.  A internet Personality, created by James D. Williams as means to express contrary popular
views on the perceived world, while allowing a glance into his.
2.  A nod of the hat to old folk tales which characters meet gruesome endings as a warning to
those that would follow in their foot steps.
3.  A mythological enitity existing only in the minds of those that believe in fairy tales.
4.  Lord of the Unseelie Court.
Mister Grimm
James D. Williams

Began a pursuit in photographer in 2003, since then he has received some formal training in Jefferson
Community College.  He has worked with several professional photographers in the Louisville area as a
assistant or in collaboration.  As well as many beginner and amateur photographers providing advice or
feedback when needed.  Skilled in usage of a SLR\DSLR and accessories, be it on the spot to studio
portraits, lighting/strobe or guerrilla photojournalism style documentation.  Working now primarily as
weekend photographer for whatever you may need..
Experience and example work.
(c) www.mistergrimm.com 2007
* above photo is property of RA Stearman of
DarkMoonPhotography.  Image comes from a 'gore
shoot' in 06, the CS B/W and infrared modification
was preformed by Mister Grimm.

You can check out more of RA Stearman's
wonderful work at
Absence of Faith Photo
Part 1 of 4 used for CD art
HillBilly Outfield 07
Texas Roadhouse Thunder over Louisville party
07 down by waterfront
Southern Gothic Belle Photo Shoot
Noah's Ark 7th Annual Golf Scramble
Yluko performer Leo, photo featured in Synthetics
a Eurpean web pdf magazine
Anvil Grey Front man Fee
Texas Roadhouse Baby Shower Party
Studio Creation
Sumshee's All Ages Goth Prom 07
Texas Roadhouse Halloween party 06
Random photo, used in a  flash movie to promo
the book 'The Sab' by Steve Zimmerman
Creative Portrait in Studio at JCTC
A Still Life Photo